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05/02/2018 13:10Vladimir Putin Is Redrawing the Map of the World to Reflect How Russia Sees It    ( Brinkwire (press release) )
Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to redraw the map of the world to better showcase his country's presence, literally. ... towns and cities have abandoned Soviet-era monikers honoring the likes of Communist Manifesto co-authors Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx, Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin, secret ...
04/13/2018 05:05Western Media's conundrum – why is 'bad guy' Putin so popular at home?    ( RT )
These factors also gave rise to a social class that neither Marx nor Engels anticipated: the Russian mafia. With factory bosses under pressure to reach impossible targets, and all factories facing shortages of inputs, the best way to ensure that your factory at least came close to its target was to buy inputs ...
03/28/2018 19:45War of nerves    ( Frontline )
In his 1890 essay “Foreign Policy of Russian Tsardom”, written from London, Friedrich Engels spoke of the deep-seated distrust between Europe and Tsarist Russia: “[I]ts mere passive existence is a standing threat and danger to us…. by its ceaseless meddling in the affairs of the West, it cripples and ...
03/28/2018 03:50Great-power game, with a wink and a frown    ( )
Unfortunately, in his determination to play hardball with the West, Putin may have lost sight of the immense possibilities of Russian soft power that have strangely remained under-utilised since the days of yore. If Engels' statue in Manchester is a reminder of the ills of capitalism, then a Putin presidency is ...
02/24/2018 12:15Is 'Putin Regime' The 'Evil Empire' Of Today? – OpEd    ( Eurasia Review )
“In Russia, there isn't a regime,” he responded angrily; there is instead “a lawfully elected president and an appointed government. ... Marx and Engels used it in that sense as well, and in Soviet times, “Stalin frequently used this term” both about the arrangements powers made for others and about the ...
01/18/2018 17:05Trump says Russia helping North Korea; Turkish troops mass on Syria border    ( WikiTribune )
Trump says Russia helping North Korea – U.S. President Donald Trump said Russia is violating international sanctions by helping North Korea get supplies. .... She then ponders the significance of the #MeToo movement, but also warns of what she perceives as its excesses. – George Engels ...
01/18/2018 01:05Topless Russian Cadets Spark Scandal With Viral Dance Video    ( Newsweek )
0116_Russia_pilots A general view of an old Soviet Aeroflot advert painted on the side of a building on November 10, 2011 in Samara, Russia. Harry Engels/Getty Images. In the state-run Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation, where the cadets appear to be studying, officials are investigating the video to ...
12/01/2017 00:15Putin Offers $8.6 Billion to Families as Russia Nears Election    ( The Moscow Times )
(Bloomberg) — Vladimir Putin has loosened Russia's purse strings to expand a popular subsidy for families ahead of a presidential election in which he's ... Putin announced the new measures in a rambling speech that at one point touched on Friedrich Engels' views on monogamy and the virtues of the ...
11/30/2017 08:10Before Election, Putin Offers $8.6 Billion to Russians to Have More Babies    ( Bloomberg )
Vladimir Putin has loosened Russia's purse strings to expand a popular ... Russia suffered a decline in birth rates amid the chaos of the 1990s after the ... on Friedrich Engels' views on monogamy and the virtues of the tapeworm, ...
10/29/2017 05:20Russia's Bombers, Subs, Missiles Just Conducted Massive Exercise    ( Scout )
Russia held a massive nuclear exercise this week, launching no less than four ballistic missiles under the personal supervision of Russian President ...
10/28/2017 13:30Putin personally directed launch of ballistic missiles    (Al-Manar TV)
Putin Took Part in Russia Nuclear Drills, Launched 4 Missiles: Spokesman - Al-Manar TV
07/29/2017 21:35The electric locomotive 2EV120.    ( The Globe and Mail )
VEB is considered a foreign policy tool of the Russian state, and the ... Officials attend the 2015 opening of the locomotive plant in Engels, Russia.
07/25/2017 04:45The curious tradition of blaming foreign intelligence    ( )
The latest occurrence was of course in Foreign Policy, which talked darkly of Russian hackers hacking some state department official's emails.
07/02/2017 05:00Revolution and Counterrevolution, 1917–2017    ( Monthly Review )
State Museum of the Political History of Russia, St. Petersburg. ... The Russian Revolution of 1917 erupted on the fiftieth anniversary of the ... a phenomenon first singled out Frederick Engels and later theorized by Lenin in his ...
12/14/2016 15:45NBC Fears Tillerson will Enrich Putin: 'the Kremlin Couldn't Be Happier'    ( NewsBusters (blog) )
It appeared that NBC sharpened its claws in preparation for NBC Nightly News on Tuesday, as the network sent Richard Engels to Moscow, Russia.
11/20/2016 02:00A Historic, Exclusive Moscow Neighborhood that is Home to Celebrities and State Officials    ( Mansion Global )
Anchored by an imposing statue of Friedrich Engels and a Russian Orthodox church capped in golden domes, Ostozhenka Street, otherwise known as ...
11/16/2016 10:55Russia bombards Syria hours after Putin speaks with Trump    ( Fox News )
Long range Tu-95 “Bear” and Tu-160 “Blackjack” bombers were last seen by U.S. satellites getting armed at a Russian Air Force base in Engels in ...
10/15/2016 05:55Edmond has a new 'Sister City'    ( KOKH FOX25 )
In 2012, Edmond signed a deal with its first Sister City, Engels, Russia. Sister Cities International was founded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in ...
03/15/2016 22:01President Vladimir Putin: An Enigma    ( Dissident Voice )
In spite of Russia's support for the Syrian Arab Republic against Zionist-led ..... The Soviet leader showed that Engels' exaggeration of Russian ...
03/09/2016 13:46Russia's Communist Party is making a comeback — and it's bad news for Putin    ( Vox )
A member of Russia's Communist Party holds a banner during protests in Bolotnaya Square on December 10, 2011, ... Harry Engels/Getty Images.


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