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04/13/2018 21:00Russian long-range bombers leave host airbase, destination possibly Iran    ( AMN Al-Masdar News )
BREAKING: Two #Russia|n Air Force's Tu-95MS & two Tu-160 strategic bombers (might be armed with cruise missiles) supported by Il-78M tankers have left #Engels (6950th AvB) 2 hours ago, not clear it is related to recent tensions in #Syria or not. Su-35s joined them an hour ago. ...
03/23/2018 11:45Billboard Dance Chart Upstarts: Arty, Craig David & George FitzGerald    ( Billboard )
Arty featuring April Bender, "Sunrise". Engels, Russia-based DJ/producer Arty (real name Artem Stoliarov) debuts at No. 36 on Billboard's Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart (dated March 24) with "Sunrise," featuring New York-based singer April Bender. It's the DJ's third chart appearance and first since "Up ...
12/20/2017 10:15The Falsification of David King's work—Red Star Over Russia: A Revolution in Visual Culture 1905 ...    ( World Socialist Web Site )
I had some expectation that this falsification of history would be remedied by the Tate Modern Red Star Over Russia exhibition. After all, the majority of exhibits are from the .... Gustav Klutsis (1895-1938) Raise Higher the Banner of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin! 1933. The height of Socialist Realism ...
12/19/2017 17:20The Falsification of David King's work—Red Star Over Russia: A Revolution in Visual Culture 1905 ...    ( World Socialist Web Site )
I have commented on several art exhibitions marking the centenary of the 1917 Russian Revolution. Certain common themes have emerged. The Revolution, curators have told us, was a coup carried out by a handful of Bolsheviks and a deviation from the natural development of “Holy Russia” towards ...
10/27/2017 20:30Russia Fires Off Multiple ICBMs and Cruise Missiles During Massive Nuclear Drill    (TASS)
Putin test-fires ballistic missiles in strategic nuclear force command and control drills - TASS
10/27/2017 04:25Russia launches ballistic missiles from submarines, spaceport during strategic drills    ( TASS )
They took off from the main bass in Ukrainka, Engels and Shaikovka and launched air-based cruise missiles at ground targets at Kura, Pemboi testing ...
10/03/2017 02:35Khovanshchina/Eugene Onegin, Welsh National Opera review - Russian revivals strong and weak    ( The Arts Desk )
About Khovanshchina I once had serious doubts. Leaving aside its unfinished condition, it always struck me as what Wagnerians would call a ...
09/27/2017 18:45Russian aircraft fire cruise missiles at Daesh positions in Syria    (Sputnik International)
Russian Bombers Strike Daesh, al-Nusra Positions in Syria - MoD - Sputnik International
09/24/2017 10:30Saratov region: MIA Main Department head to become senator    ( )
News of the Russian MIA Saratov Region Main Department Head to ... He also mentioned Schnittke Music and Aesthetic Lyceum (Engels) Director ...
07/17/2017 08:25Manchester International Festival comes to a close with celebration of Friedrich Engels in statue form    ( Manchester Evening News )
... months trawling former Soviet States, including Ukraine and parts of Russia, to find the perfect decommissioned statue of Engels for the project.
07/15/2017 10:35Back on his pedestal: the return of Friedrich Engels    ( Financial Times )
The artist Phil Collins wanted to bring Friedrich Engels back to Manchester where, ... Collins told me his search for Engels was a “dream”. ... of eastern Ukraine; but in 2015, as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continued, ...
07/08/2017 00:15Russian Tu-95 Bombers Strikes ISIS Targets In Syria Using Latest Kh-101 Cruise Missiles    ( )
Tu-95MS long-range strategic bombers departed Wednesday from an airfield in the southern Russian city of Engels carrying the latest Kh-101 ...
07/07/2017 08:25THREE people were killed yesterday when a suicide bomber struck a bus station in the central ...    ( Morning Star Online )
That followed Wednesday's long-range cruise missile attacks on Isis arms dumps by strategic bombers flying from Russia's Engels air force base.
07/06/2017 10:55Russia Successfully Launches New Missile against Daesh in Syria    ( (press release) (blog))
Russian bombers strike ISIS targets in Syria using new airborne cruise missiles - (press release) (blog)
11/21/2016 23:05Russian Tu-95MS bombers launch Kh-101 cruise missiles at Syrian targets    ( Russia Beyond the Headlines )
17, Tu-95MS missile-carrying bombers took off from the Engels airfield (520 miles east of Moscow) and launched Kh-101 cruise missiles against ...
10/30/2016 22:20Russia Welcomes Growing Wave of 'Red Tourists' From China    ( Wall Street Journal )
MOSCOW—To see how good relations are between Russia and China these ... The German birthplaces of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are also ...
08/19/2016 07:00Iran Welcomes Russian Strategic Bomber to Hamedan Base    ( Aviation International News )
The Russian bomber is now operating from Iran. ... Syria since November, operating out of the Mozdok and Engels air force bases in southern Russia.
11/24/2015 04:15Threat of Russian Cruise Missiles Close Down Iraqi Airports    ( Popular Mechanics )
Threat of Russian Cruise Missiles Close Down Iraqi Airports ... The bombers, flying from Engels Air Base in Russia, are being escorted by ancient ...
11/20/2015 11:30Isis hit hard as Russia halves its tanker fleet    ( Morning Star Online )
The Tu-160s are operating from Engels airbase near Saratov in southern Russia, while the Tu-22M3s and Tu-95s are based at Mozdok in the northern ...
11/20/2015 11:30Russian strategic bombers hit ISIS positions with cruise missiles, smart bombs (VIDEO)    (ChristianToday)
US, Russia, France take turns bombing ISIS targets after Paris terror attacks - ChristianToday


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